The Oxford to Cambridge Expressway – the ‘Brain Corridor’

The Expressway is intrinsically linked with the wider development of Oxfordshire. It is the brainchild of the National Infrastructure Commission. An un-elected government appointed body. Central government see the corridor and South Oxfordshire as an economic heartland that can increase money flowing into the exchequer. The region is already one of the wealthiest regions in the U.K. No thought seems to have been given to developing and promoting economic growth in other parts of the UK where the investment is more needed. The lack of consultation and top down decision making is clear from these points below

  •  The decision has been made – a done deal – it has been approved by minister for transport and the chancellor – no public consultation
  • Two possible corridor routes around Oxford – North via A 34  or South through South Oxfordshire
  • Public consultation will only begin when details of possible final routes are released by the Highways agency
  • Public consultation on possible final routes to begin ‘Autumn 2019’
  • Construction work to start 2025
  • Motorway to open 2030

Five of the nine appointed commissions have personal interests in construction or transport companies.