South Oxfordshire Local Election Results

Press Release from A Better South Oxfordshire

Local campaign group A Better South Oxfordshire has hailed the South Oxfordshire Local Election Results “a great result for local people and local politics”.

The group campaigned for a more balanced approach to local politics and an end to one party dominance of the council.  The ruling Conservative group lost half of their councillors in the elections.

“This had nothing to do with national issues and Brexit” says group spokesperson Adrian Townsend. “It had everything to do with the disastrous local plan forced through by the last administration which would double the number of houses and increase roads and pollution in the area. In our leaflets, we described them as The Concreting Conservatives and local people listened to our message. Even though we were not promoting our own candidates in the elections, our volunteers have been out posting through letter boxes in as many wards as we could throughout South Oxfordshire. We are delighted our hard work has payed off.”

The group now calls on the new council to

  • Withdraw the disastrous existing local plan
  • Oppose the unnecessary Oxford to Cambridge expressway
  • Work together as councillors for A Better South Oxfordshire for local residents