A Better South Oxfordshire

We are a non party-political group with no political allegiances but we cannot ignore the damage SODC Conservatives are doing to our communities. They hold most of the seats on the council and have driven through a local plan that will deliver more roads, pollution and concrete all over South Oxfordshire

Please do NOT vote Conservative in the upcoming SODC elections. Vote for residents, not property developers and road builders.

On May 2nd say NO to ‘Concreting Conservatives’

Here is the list of ‘Concreting Conservatives’ who voted for the ‘concreting plan’ and are standing as candidates again. Benson and Crowmarsh Felix Bloomfield; Chinnor Lynn Lloyd & Ian White; Cholsey Jane Murphy; Didcot N.E Bill Service & Steve Connel; Didcot .S Anthony Dearlove; Didcot W Ian Snowdon & Alan Thompson; Goring Kevin Bulmer; Haseley Brook Caroline Newton; Henley  Lorraine Hillier; Sonning Common Paul Harrison; Thame David Dodds, Jeannette Matelot & Nigel Champken-Woods; Watlington Anna Badcock; Wheatley Toby Newman;


A new motorway destroying precious landscapes
Urban sprawl driven by housing numbers; more than twice the numbers needed

‘Concreting Conservatives’ even acted against their own Party Manifesto which stated they would ‘Maintain the existing strong protections on designated land like the Green Belt. Some that voted against the plan were suspended from the party.

Under the leadership of Councillor Jane Murphy we no longer trust South Oxfordshire Conservatives.

 The only sure way to protect South Oxfordshire is not to vote Conservative at all.

Ask your local candidates these questions. Do they want?

  • The Oxford to Cambridge Expressway through South Oxfordshire
  • Green belt land destroyed
  • Speculative unnecessary building projects in the countryside
  • Pollution, roads and concrete everywhere

Before you vote on May 2nd, look out for….
Concreting Conservatives

A Better South Oxfordshire wants to see local people put before party political dogma and speculative developers. We support:

  • Protection of the Green Belt and countryside
  • Affordable and social housing for local people
  • Sustainable communities that promote quality of life
  • Local councillors who work together for the good of South Oxfordshire