The Northfield Vision


This positive proposal is needed now because of drastic changing circumstances. Arguments used to justify continuous growth are no longer valid.

  • It is now recognised that the   ‘housing crisis’ is about affordability not numbers – different solutions are required not “build, build build”.
  • The housing numbers used to justify the local plan were always based on out-of-date figures (known at the time but deliberately ignored)
  • Projected house numbers for population growth in South Oxfordshire is now three times less than in the approved local plan.  (Source ONS) • Oxford City housing numbers are also lower than claimed.
  • A climate crisis and the future of our planet is at stake.
  • Grassland is vital to retain damaging carbon emissions.
  • Greenfield disturbance and concrete cause carbon emissions.
  • The argument that new development must be near to Oxford is ridiculous in these changed times. Covid and work from home has dramatically changed commuting and patterns of work. 
  • Restricting traffic in urban areas whilst increasing it in rural surroundings is hypocritical and dishonest.

Positive rural – urban connection

  • Affordable Homes for local people
  • Local employment opportunities
  • Biodiverse, regenerative food production
  • Preserving, protecting and enhancing our local environment

The concept

(rural and urban community connection and regenerative farming)

  • A small development of affordable homes for local people linked to an existing working farm repurposed to a working/training farm promoting regenerative farming methods.
  • The farm will provide training for young people to develop and enhance the local environment establishing practices to maintain a working eco-friendly farm.
  • From inception it will begin the enhancement of the local environment by designing the area for mixed food crops, wildlife protection and the promotion of soil regeneration methods.
  • In addition, it will involve local communities in the development of areas for local people to interact with nature.
  • Once established the farm will continue on-going training to other students who wish to gain expertise and practice in regenerative farming.
  • Links will be established with other local farmers for apprenticeship working opportunities.
  • As it develops, the farm will produce, supply and market sustainable food for the local market thus providing further job opportunities for local people and income to sustain the ongoing activities of the farm.

Some housing will be made available to potential students on an affordable rent basis. Other housing will be made available on an affordable ownership or rental basis.

The Northfield Vision Plan – Overall Concept

The Northfield Vision Plan will deliver up to 300 additional homes for local people.
Equivalent to 40% the size of Garsington.
Not 1800 houses, 3 times the size of the village.

The Northfield Plan will provide many positive benefits for the community.

It will promote a soft edge between urban, rural and greenbelt areas.

Included in the plan:                               

  • Connecting bus route service to Garsington and Oxford  
  • Purpose built cycle routes to Garsington, Oxford and Horspath
  • Recreational footpaths and nature walks   
  • Other community enhancing ideas

The Northfield Vision Plan is supported by the villagers of Garsington and The Garsington Declaration.

How will this be achieved

Through the involvement of and support from: –

  • Our MP  to provide guidance and advice about central government grants including the Environmental Land Management (ELM) policy, agricultural legislation and lobby for greater local involvement in housing Planning policy. Help with redesignation of greenbelt.
  • Brasenose College by committing to the project, withdrawing their intentions to over develop. agreeing to be landlords to the farm.  Help find expertise to establish the project. Provide or help find, teaching and academic expertise.
  • Oxfordshire County Council by committing the land they own to the project, involving the Future Oxfordshire Partnership and including the project in the Growth Deal. 
  • South Oxfordshire District Council by amending the local plan to reflect the rural nature of the district and protect communities close to Oxford City from unwelcome, damaging urban sprawl.
  • The Future Oxfordshire Partnership (formally the Oxfordshire Growth Board) by accepting the project into their plans and committing to the inclusion of more rural economy agricultural and environmental interests into their partnership aims.
  • Oxford City Council committing to positive ‘rural urban connection’ instead of deliberately conflating expensive house building with affordable housing. Treating land within Garsington boundaries as if it were their own, not communicating with the village but claiming they have. Speaking directly against our wishes at a planning inspection, committing to be a good neighbour instead of consistently being a bad one.
  • Oxford Local Enterprise Partnership (OxLep) help find and establish funds for the project, help find expertise to drive the project, coordinate with stakeholders and gain support from the Future Oxfordshire Partnership (formally the Growth Board).
  • Mark Horner and Engage Agro provide advice andexpertise in regenerative farming
  • Garsington Parish Council formally endorse the project

Working together can deliver what is right for everyone.