Support needed at County Hall in Oxford – Tuesday 11 February

At the Oxfordshire County Council meeting at 10.30 on the 11th February, the Council will be discussing the following motion

In the event of the receipt of an invitation by the Secretary of State to prepare or revise the South Oxfordshire Local Plan pursuant to powers under section 27A of, and paragraph 7B of Schedule A1 to, the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004, Council is RECOMMENDED to accept such an invitation subject to satisfactory assurances being received in relation to the recovery of its costs.

This is completely undemocratic and will most likely result in the emerging 2034 Plan being approved this year – with Northfield, Grenoble Road and other Green Belt sites being included as strategic locations for housing far in excess of actual need.

A number of people have been allocated speaking slots on Tuesday morning and others are preparing banners to protest outside of County Hall in the centre of Oxford. We are looking for as many people as possible to turn up from 9:30am for an hour or so to demonstrate the strength of feeling in our community for protecting local democracy and our Green Belt.

It would be fantastic if you could turn out and show your support.