Labour and Tory County Councillors’ Contempt for communities near Oxford

Labour and Tory County Councillors have promoted building development on greenbelt land around Oxford City equivalent to the building of two new towns the size of Witney and Thame spread around the City

  • 19 000 extra buildings in the greenbelt
  • 46 000 population increase just around Oxford
Planned Developments in the Green Belt

Most of the land in the marked areas is owned by these Oxford Colleges: Brasenose, Christ Church, New College, Magdalen, St John’s, Merton, Queens and Exeter. They will make tens of £ millions from land sales. Some have already signed deals with commercial developers.

Thousands of local people have been telling their district councils that they do not like the County Council Central Government deal. Labour and Conservative county councillors have refused to listen. When one district council would not “do as they were told” Labour and Tory county councillors voted to help minister Robert Jenrick take away planning powers from the locally elected district council. Decisions about where to build, what type of development, and how many affordable houses were removed from local people. Tory and Labour votes, on
11/02/2020, legitimized Jenrick’s future actions which The Oxford Times described on 17th Dec 2020 as “an extraordinary affront to local democracy.”

We want to see local councillors put local people first. We are asking you to use your vote to send a message to those councillors who have not been listening to us. We would suggest a change is required to have councillors do what they are elected and that is to:

  • Listen to the will of their residents
  • Look after the environment
  • Respect local democracy

Vote for a Better County Council
and a better councillor…
one who Listens to Local People